1. What is Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1?

It is a revolutionary and thrilling innovation in make-up removal world!
100% cotton wool, square or rectangular shape, it contains a heart of cleansing milk which gets activated when you want, with a few drops of water.
Besides make-up removal action, it takes care of your skin with its rich cosmetic actives from natural origin and beneficial properties.
From now on to remove your make-up, you don’t need to buy any other products: you only need a bit of water!

2. Why should I use Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1?

Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 is practical and natural, and you can always carry it with you!!
Suitable for make-up removal, and to correct make-up smudges without ruining the rest of your make-up.
Perfect as daily facial cleanser, to remove smog and all the impurities which got there during the day, or just to freshen.
Who doesn’t hate the nightly facial routine, when you are tired, with skin stretching and eyes closing because of slumber?
Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 turns this moment into a pleasant habit: with only one product you have all you need, you just have to add a bit of water!

3. How does it work? How do I remove make-up?

Tear one pad and slightly moisten it on the colored side with few drops of water… now wipe your face with circular movements.
For eye contour area proceed gently, in order to avoid that rests of make-up come in contact with eyes causing unpleasant burn.
Take care: do not wet too much and then squeeze the pad, it could lose its effectiveness!

4. How do I understand how much water I should add?

It’s very easy, the pad must be completely moistened but it must not be dripping.
Slightly moisten the pad under a trickle of water or moisten your hand and then dab the colored side of the pad… you can’t go wrong!
Take care, do not squeeze the pad, you could remove cosmetic actives!

5. I am used to use cotton pads with cleansing milk/tonic, why should I change?

Cleansing milk is a very good option for make-up removal, but it needs several products to combine with.
First of all cotton pads, tonic and further an after make-up removal moisturizing lotion.
With Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 you have all these products just in one pack!
Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 will not irritate your eyes and your skin. Rinsing is not necessary and after use your skin will be soft, moisturized and perfumed.
You won’t feel the need to apply any other products.
Quite convenient, isn’t it?

6. I am used to use wet wipes, why should I change?

So far wet wipes have been the most convenient solution to carry with you all the time, travelling, at work, etc.
Nevertheless a lot of types are sold, they are generally the most aggressive product for the skin, not suitable for sensitive skins.
Besides this, most of wet wipes on the market may contain alcohol, parabens, preservatives, silicones, paraffin…
Because of this, after facial cleansing often you feel burning sensation and/or greasy skin.
Most of all, once opened the pack, it is necessary to use wipes within a short time otherwise they may dry out and be wasted.
With Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 you chose a 100% natural product, designed to take care of your skin, in respect of the environment.
Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 does not make your eyes burning and leaves a pleasant freshness feeling after use.
And once opened the pack, it keeps unchanged all its characteristics until used, whenever it is!

7. I am used to remove make-up with water and soap, why should I change?

Usually, women who chose water and soap to remove make-up are not satisfied with the make-up removal products on the market.
You probably have a delicate skin which easily gets flushed, and cleansing milks and wet wipes are too aggressive for your skin.
Or yet, you rarely make-up and you think it doesn’t worth to spend money for a make-up removal product which is probably going to be wasted.
You have to know that a traditional soap dries a lot your skin, indeed the feeling of having a “stretching skin” is very frequent.
Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 is gentle and natural, it does not burn and does nor redden the skin… try it!
You can use it for your daily face cleansing, to freshen, or just to remove smog and impurities which remained on your skin during the day.

8. After use, should I rinse my face as I usually do with a traditional cleansing milk?

No, with Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 you don’t need to rinse after removing make-up.
It leaves your skin fresh and clean, gently perfumed.
You can use it for your daily face cleaning, its ingredients are natural and hypoallergenic, it does not grease and it is suitable for more sensitive skins as well.

9. I have removed my make-up with Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1. Now I want to use my favorite tonic/cream. Can I apply other products using Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1?

Of course! Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 is perfect for your skin care.
We have designed a natural product, in 100% cotton wool, which does not have any contraindications even if combined with other products.
You can use it for a simple cleansing in the morning/evening, to freshen, to apply your favorite cosmetic product or to remove smog and impurities which remained on your face during the day.

10. Can I use Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 to remove waterproof make-ups?

We have exactly the right product for you… the line enriched with Argan oil, specific for removing heavy make-ups, it is suitable for removing waterproof make-ups.
Anyway, since our goal is to use only natural ingredients, our line with Argan oil is suitable to remove only the 70% of waterproof make-ups on the market.
The remaining percentage contains fixatives which need removal make-up agents which are extremely aggressive for the skin, so they are not in line with Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 philosophy.
Revise our website homepage and our Facebook page to find out all the news!

11. Does Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 removes tan?

Absolutely not! All the contrary, look for our products which contain Carrot extract, they are particularly indicated for tanned skin.

12. How should I preserve Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1?

There are not specific indications, preserve the pack in a fresh and dry place so that cotton and cosmetic actives do not deteriorate.
Remark: it is possible that pad’s color intensity would not stay unchanged in the time, especially if the pack is exposed to direct solar light.
This is because Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 is a natural product and it contains colors which are not treated with UV protectors.

13. Pads have faded/lost color. Did they lose their effectiveness?

No they didn’t, the effectiveness of the product has not vanished. In order to have a 100% natural product, we have chosen to use exclusively colors which are not treated with UV protector. For this reason it is possible that pads color intensity will not remain unchanged in the time, most of all if pack is exposed at solar direct light.

14. Is Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 tested on animals? Does it contain ingredients of animal origin?

No, the product is not tested on animals and does not contain ingredients of animal origin.

Always look for this symbol:

To be sure that the products you buy are not tested on animals.

15. I have read the ingredients of Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 and among these I have noticed that it may contain C.I. 17200, C.I. 19140 and C.I. 42090. What are these codes about?

These codes correspond to cosmetic colorants, authorized in all cosmetic products and listed in Annex IV of New Cosmetic Products Regulation.
C.I. 17200: red
C.I. 19140: yellow
C.I. 42090: blue
Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 guarantees the safety of all its formulation with dermatological tests and nickel test.

16. Can I carry with me Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 in the hand luggage when flying?

Of course you can!
Not being liquid, you can carry it with you when travelling, on the plane and in the hand luggage as well!
Moreover it is light, it takes up a very little space and it is extremely practical!

17. Does Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 contain parabens?

Absolutely not! Parabens are a class of synthetic chemical compound, used in cosmetic industry for their antibacterial and preservative properties.
Recent studies have detected a potential carcinogenic effect and for this reason in some countries (in France for example) the use of such products has been prohibited.
Thanks to its innovative technology, Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 keeps its total effectiveness while guaranteeing the total absence of parabens and other preservatives.

18. Does Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 contain nickel?

Nickel is a widely spread element in the environment, usually contained in several foods, in water and in most of metals which we come in contact with.
The exposition to such element can cause allergic reactions in some people.
In order to guarantee the non-dangerousness of this metal, Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 is “Nickel tested” certified, passing the most rigorous tests of analysis.

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