Why is it better?


All of us pay great attention to make-ups and cosmetics quality we buy, in order to not ruin our skin and not prejudice our health. But we often undervalue the importance of removing make-up at the end of the day, and we just use low quality products, aggressive, which increase the pores dilatation, make our skin look less bright and compact, and facilitate formation of pimples, black spots and other indirect imperfections. An excessive use of aggressive cosmetics can weaken skin, leading to eye and skin irritation, desquamation and redness. With Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 time spent removing make-up is the same as others traditional make-up removal products, but from now on you can choose a natural and gentle product, which takes care of your skin in a non-aggressive way, making it soft and perfumed and leaving it feeling fresh and cleansed. With Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 you remove your make-up normally, but with just one product you have all you need: it’s practical, good value for money and 100% natural!! Cotton Plus Solution 2 in1 takes care of your beauty: you can use it for a convenient, gentle and very effective face cleansing. It is suitable for all types of skin: from the driest to the greasiest and sensitive skins. Cotton Plus 2 in 1 guarantees its formulations to be prepared with cosmetic actives with soothing, lenitive and moisturizing properties. Choose the best for your skin, choose a clinically tested, hypoallergenic product, nickel tested and which does not contain alcohol and preservatives.


Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 is practical, light and handy. You can always take it with you! It perfectly fits in the purse without making it heavy nor stealing precious space for other cosmetics and other accessories which go along with you during the day. Do you work in an office? You can easily store it in the desk’s drawer, it does not dry out and it does not lose its make-up remover and beneficial properties, nor its fragrance. It’s always ready to use. You can take it with our on holiday, and you don’t need to sacrifice space in your make-up purse for cotton pads, cleansing milk, tonic or other creams. Do you have to fly? Don’t worry, Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 checks in with you because it is dry and moreover it is lighter and does not take up space in your suitcase or in the hand luggage!


Based on a study among other make-up  removal products, choosing Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 you will have an amazing saving on your purchase!! Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 costs 75% less compared to wet wipes Cotton Plus Solution 2 in 1 costs 66% less compared to traditional cotton pads with the cleansing milk addition


Skin pictures by electronic microscope 20X