About us

Turati idrofilo S.p.A. is leader in cotton wool production for over 50 years.

Our brand Cotton Plus is guarantee of maximum quality, respect for workers and environment we live in.

The Classic Cotton Plus line includes:

– Pleated Cotton, Cotton Roll and Cotton Balls in carded cotton wool;

– The classic line of Round, Oval and Square Pads, in hydro-entangled cotton wool;

– The original line of Pre-cut Pads, perfect for any family needs, in hydro-entangled cotton wool;

– The innovative line of Professional Pads, dedicated to professional use in medical and cosmetic sectors.

In 2012 we have patented and launched on the market our revolutionary COTTON PLUS SOLUTION 2 IN 1 line: make-up removal products in 100% cotton wool with a heart of cleansing milk which gets activated simply adding few drops of water.


What do we mean for maximum quality?

The best for your skin and for your health.

You probably don’t know, but in nature cotton wool is not white as milk but tending to yellow/grey.

Unfortunately, according common sense, what is white is clean and perfect, but not everybody know that the bleaching process can be extremely harmful for the environment and for our skin.

Turati idrofilo S.p.A. certifies all the production process from the raw material to the finished product.

All our Cotton Plus items are manufactured exclusively with top quality cotton wool responding to European Pharmacopoeia in law, bleached with oxygen peroxide.

We guarantee a very high quality products, which do not contain harmful substance for environment nor for health.


What do we mean for respect for workers?

Turati idrofilo S.p.A. considers employees, suppliers and customers as an integral part of the company’s capital.

Building of seriousness and ethic based relationships allowed us to create through the years a solid and effective network of collaborators. Our products are the result of continued and joint commercial relationships with partners which comply a set of strict rules for quality control: they are manufactured without exploitation of employees, women and children, in respect of the man and the environment and made in decent working conditions.


What do we mean for respect of the environment?

Turati idrofilo S.p.A. commits itself in manufacturing natural products, working in respect of the environment.

We want to ward the environment we live in: for this reason we have chosen to produce square or rectangular pads. Why?

It’s very easy: round/oval shape wastes over 35% of the raw material and space in transport, while square or rectangular shape does not generate wastes during production and allow us to load much higher quantity on trucks/containers, in order to reduce the frequency and quantity of shipments: less trucks circulating, less pollution.

Our commitment doesn’t stop here, we pay attention to energy saving and to clear energy utilization as well.

For this reason we use also energy coming from renewable sources of certified origin.

As  a confirmation of our commitment to manufacture natural products, in 2006 we have obtained from ICEA the Organic Cotton wool manufacturing certification (GOTS 2008-056), guarantee of a product obtained in an eco-sustainable way and in respect of worker’s rights.


Our continued research and attention to market’s evolution push us to steadily study and develop new products which respond to customer’s needs.

Help us improving! Send us your suggestions.